An Announcement

An Announcement

This past January my husband and I began a journey of looking at our life with new eyes. We went through a Regenerative Design Lab through nRhythm in which we designed our family & our family's purpose. Since then we have taken time to really look at our lives. What really brings us joy, what brings us fulfillment, and what works with our new context. It’s been a wildly freeing and invigorating process but equally as exhausting both emotionally and physically.

Through this journey, it has become abundantly clear to me that my business is no longer bringing me joy. I’m not excited about how it's structured. It no longer works with my new context as a mother and the person I am becoming in the process. Reading that I am sure most would assume I am closing the business, but I’m not. At my core, I truly love making jewelry and connecting with you. I love the whole process. From designing, to creating, and how I get lost in the process. It makes me feel strong and alive. But the business is not currently structured in a way that gives me the joy that I want and need to continue. So I am redesigning it!

A redesign so I can be fulfilled and happy with my work. A redesign so I can honor all my truths as a person, mother and wife. A redesign to bring the joy back.  A redesign to better connect with you.

I am excited to take a short, undetermined break beginning mid July to focus on my family and this exciting redesign. I will be emailing with updates, thoughts, and inspirations along the way. I see this as a beautiful start to me sharing more of my life, inspiration, creativity and my passions with you. 

Thank you for being here and coming along for the evolution of Bent by Courtney.

with love & gratitude,




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