Time at Home

Time at Home

After a night or two of emotionally binge watching Netflix, I thought maybe I need to spend this time in better way. We all need to take care of ourselves more than ever and that means our minds too.
Here are a few things I've been into lately


I really love a good podcast in the morning with my coffee. These are a few I've been listening to lately.  


Pick up a new skill - MASTERCLASS

I bought this as a gift to myself for Christmas. There is so much to learn on this site from business to cooking to writing! The best part is the lessons are under 10 minutes. Making it easy to watch one or three depending on your time. 


Putting on a great playlist can do wonders for my mood &  a dance party in your pjs never hurts to turn the day around


I have 8 books on my nightstand that I never have time to finish - until now!  My goal is to read for at least 20 minutes every night. n


Most importantly - Get outside!!
I know it's harder for some people given their location but if you can, get some sunshine! Vitamin D does wonders for the mind and immune system so take your lunch break outside! 
If you can't get outside try doing a workout from Melissa Wood Health .
She mixes pilates and yoga and most of her videos you can do at home with no props or equipment. 

These are just a few suggestions for some activities that have helped ease my nerves and mind during these uncertain times. I am trying to make this experience a positive one! 
If you have any other tips, please share below! 
Take Care and Stay Safe! 
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