Ring Sizer

$ 3

Looking for the perfect fit? This ring sizer is the perfect addition to your jewelry box. 

Instructions:With the number side out, slide the end through the buckle so it forms a loop. Place you finger inside the loop and pull to tighten. Double check that you can slide the sizer over your knuckle easily but that it's not too loose. When you find a comfortable fit that is easily removed then look at the arrow - the number it's pointing to is your ring size! 

Our designs are 14k gold-filled and nickel-free, the premium choice within the Fashion & Semi-Fine jewelry categories, regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. To qualify as 14k gold-filled, the product must be comprised of a solid, thick gold layer mechanically bonded through heat & pressure to a base metal; typically brass. These meticulously sourced materials must contain 1/20th of 14K gold to be FTC approved. If you can wear gold without an allergic reaction, you can wear gold-filled! Even with daily wear, if cared for properly, 14k gold-fill can last 10-30 years before beginning to reveal the base metal beneath.
What about all the other gold something something you ask? Gold plate, gold vermeil, gold overlay, rolled gold plate, have an incredibly thin coating causing jewelry to easily turn colors &/or chip.  


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